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The Foglight Foodhouse came about in October 1996 when my brothers and I were sitting around in Ian's living room talking about our mother, our lives after Mom and our father's life changes. Paul suggested building a restaurant in Walling, TN and the next morning we were looking at what would soon become our first location. It was a 1000 square foot shack on an over-grown knoll that should have been demolished, but we made it our "Foodhouse" for a little over 6 years. Paul stuck around for a little less than a year and headed back to Texas where he, his wife and son still live.

Ian and I ran The Foglight for another five years and together built our current location - a 4,900 square foot building on three acres overlooking the Caney Fork river. Ian stuck around for a year and decided to pursue other ventures. Well, "and then there was one", as I say.


Inside the Foglight After being open ten years as of January 23, we have grown from our "crazy little shack in the middle of nowhere" to a full service restaurant with catering services, bi-monthly cooking classes, a private meeting room with seats for 28, an independant sound system, digital high definition projector and screen, outdoor seating overlooking the river with seating for approximately thirty, a huge and eclectic menu and a total of 128 seats. The decor boasts three hand painted murals, done by my brother-in-law artist/chef David Pound and my father, retired engineer/artist Jim Philpot. Peanut sacks cover the ceiling and a good deal of the lighting is provided by colanders converted into overhead lights.

With eight different woods, reclaimed galvanized tin, slate and cedar shingles, and a lifetime worth of yard sale and "junk shop" finds, the interior is a mix of rustic and funky making everyone feel at home. With a panoramic view of the river, the building is nestled in the treetops and is located between the road bridge and the circa 1870s railbridge. The parking lot is marked by a 12 foot tall lighted sign made by artist/chef Chad Davis.

I hope you stop by and try us out - please be assured of a warm welcome and a diverse menu.

- Edward Philpot.
Executive Chef/Owner